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IMPORTANT INFO: FT-1000MP, -Mark-V and -Mark-V Field; NOTES & HINTS.

 Yaesu HAM RADIO REPAIR, serving licensed ham operators for over 20 years. 

Personal and professional repair service by Byron Campbell,  ham call WA4GEG and FCC Commercial Radio Telephone licensed. If you want your transceiver repaired right the first time around, then my service is for you. After repair your rig will be burned in for 48 hours and undergo on the air testing to insure proper operation. All radio gear is treated with TLC and serviced in a "non-smoking" environment.

STATUS: Currently booking APRIL transceiver repair reservations

E-mail communication is relied upon exclusively and is a qualification for doing business with this repair facility. E-mail is exceptionally handy in that it provides a written record of all client communication.

To set up a date for repair / servicing and to have your transceiver added to my work calendar just drop me an e-mail. Please see e-mail link below, or manually address your message to "wa4geg" at this domain "@hamradiobug.com" (just put it all together). Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm ever fighting the SPAM address harvesting robots.

Yaesu Transceiver models serviced:

  FT-1000MP, FT-1000MP Mark-V, and FT-1000MP Mark-V FIELD

For servicing the 200 Watt FT-1000MP Mark-V all that is require is the just the bare transceiver. The FP-29 power supply and cables are not needed, which will save on shipping weight.

Board Only Repair Service for the FT-1000MP/Mark-V/Mark-V Field transceivers, available for the following:

* RF Unit board

* IF Unit board

* AF Unit board

* HPF Unit board (used only in the straight FT-1000MP)

* Internal AC Power Supply (FT-1000MP and Mk-V Field)

* DSP Unit, the complete module.

Please note that only those models listed above are serviced

This shop does not service the old original FT-1000, FT-1000D

REPAIR LABOR RATE: $75 per hour. On average most transceiver repairs are complete in 2 ~ 2.5 hours,  and 2.5 ~ 3.5 hours for units requiring a lot of work. Sometimes I'll get the odd job where some inept service tech botched a repair attempt causing even more damage, and such cases will usually add 1 to 2 extra hours just to correct the mess. E-mail with your model and problem and I can usually give you a fairly close estimate on what to expect in the way of repair costs.

Repair estimate charge is based on the hourly rate.  The more intricate the equipment (those containing multiple boards where each must be powered up and tested independently) and for lightning or shipment damaged equipment, the higher the estimate charge. Time in making repair estimates will typically run in the range of 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Repair Facts; Servicing, Alignment and Modification Info:

Inrad crystal filter options, upgrades and modifications

* Want an International Radio crystal filter, roofing filter unit and / or mod. installed in your transceiver while it is being serviced? I sell Inrad products at the same price as posted on their site.

  Modifications and Updates:

*FT-1000MP, Mark-V & Field: 1st IF-Amp. gain correction for improved gain distribution, lower front end noise, and corrects "fuzzy" receive audio symptoms (from IF distortion / inadequate AGC) common in many FT-1000MP.  This mod. will eliminate the need for the Inrad Noise Reduction mod., should the latter be installed.

*FT-1000MP, Mark-V & Field: REGULATOR UNIT update. 35% of transceivers serviced show signs of the -9 regulator dropping off as the transceiver warms up. Affected units will automatically be updated during servicing.

*FT-1000MP Mark-V & Mark-V Field: RF Unit Switching Transistor Update to correct for incomplete switching in receiver front end circuitry that will lead to eventual receiver failure. Updating affected units will reduce receiver front end generated noise and improve receiver IM3, Blocking and SNR performance. This critical update is automatically applied, where needed, during transceiver servicing.

FT-1000MP Mark-V: Tuner Main update to protect RF Unit and T/R switching. Details on this page:

IMPORTANT INFO: FT-1000MP, -Mark-V and -Mark-V Field; NOTES & HINTS.

Since Yaesu has deprecated the internal tuning unit's proprietary components they can no longer be rebuilt. For that reason I don't even bother checking them, and immediately set the internal tuner to "off" in menu 8-8 of every rig that enters my shop. Also note the cautions about use of internal tuners by following the above  "IMPORTANT INFO..." link.

What does it cost for equipment repair?

*For the FT-1000MP SERIES, average repair costs will range from $155 ~ $325 depending on the problem, and the amount of alignment work or touch-up needed. Where both repair and modification work is requested, typical labor / time will run 2.5 ~ 3.5 hours. Drop me a note describing what your rig is doing or not doing and I can usually give you a fairly accurate repair estimate.

*Alignment Costs: Based on hourly rate. All repair work will include Basic Alignment, as needed, to insure the transceiver is operating to specifications.

*Basic Alignment includes adjustment of reference and carrier oscillators, IF Shift / Width circuitry, VR, CM coupler, SWR protection, Over Current protection /I-ALC, Main ALC, RF/IF AGC, S-meter and other meter function adjustments/calibration.

*Performance Optimizing Alignment includes the above plus USB/LSB carrier set point optimization for highest quality transmit/receive audio response, RF/IF alignment for optimal receiver signal to noise performance , i.e. best sensitivity possible,  transmitter IF alignment and per band drive calibration. All performance measurement data is then noted on the service invoice.

*Comprehensive Alignment includes all of the above with the addition of going completely through the PLL / LO section; VCO alignment, Band Pass Filters, conversion oscillators, and etc. Comprehensive alignment is generally not required unless the LO section has been repaired and or the transceiver has had little or no attention in a good many years.


How do I get started on having equipment repaired by you? E-mail me "wa4geg" at this domain "@hamradiobug.com" (just put it all together) for a quick consultation before shipping a piece of equipment in for repair. This serves to get your name on my repair work calendar, and will save your place in line should I happen to be backed up with work at the time. DON'T FORGET to include YOUR ham CALL SIGN.

 What do you charge for repair estimates?

The nominal estimate charge is $45. For lightning damaged or shipment damaged equipment (and for the more intricate equipment containing multiple boards where each unit must be power up and tested independently) the estimate charge will be based on the hourly labor rate.

Help, do you work on (insert model of equipment) which I don't see in your list?

No, sorry. My shop only services those models listed above at this time.

Which models do you not service?

I do not service anything other than those units listed near the top of this page under the heading  "YAESU MODELS SERVICED".

I sent you an e-mail and have not heard from you. Why?

* Some have reported that my responses end up in their Junk Mail folder.

* Did you ask about something that I don't work on? Only those models listed above are serviced by this shop and nothing else. Annually, over 1800 messages are processed singlehandedly. There is precious little spare time to respond to every e-mail asking for info. on models that my shop doesn't handle. And if you were fortunate enough to get a response, here is what that response will normally be:

"Sorry, I don't personally know anyone to recommend for your equipment servicing needs. However, a couple of places to start looking include the eHam.net repair shop reviews, and the FoxTango group; http://foxtango.org/foxtango001.htm"

1) Missing, failed delivery and delayed e-mail problems have been reported, primarily from AOL, EarthLink, juno, web-tv and arrl.net users. Solution: send your message again, maybe even by way of a web-mail account such as Yahoo mail, Hot mail or similar. Also, you might check your SPAM or BULK MAIL folder as messages from me go through my domain HamRadioBug.com and are sometimes detected as bulk mail or spam by certain ISP and web mail providers.

2) All e-mail messages should be sent a/o composed in plain text or simple HTML. Heavy HTML mail (that containing background images, stationary, colors & etc.) should be avoided.  NOTE: MicroSoft 'rich text mail' is a form of HTML.

3) I do my best to respond to e-mail within a few business days. Longer delays will naturally occur around the holidays and weekends.

4) To get past my e-mail SPAM filters it is a good idea that your message subject field contain some relevant info.  Suggested subject lines are those containing the equipment model and your ham call sign. Subject line example: Yaesu Repair; FT-1000MP, "your call-sign here."

Other info:

E-mail communication is carried on five days per week, excluding holidays. Response times will typically be within 3 ~ 5 BUSINESS DAYS (Mon.~Fri.) depending on my mail load. Please compose / send mail in the form of plain text or simple HTML.

My shipping address is on the packing and shipping page.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment methods accepted are: cash, personal check, certified check,  money order and PayPal e-payment. Please allow ten business days for personal check to clear my bank before item ships.

Credit card and debit card payment accepted too, but only through PayPal system at present. (You do not need a PayPal account to remit via credit or debit card.)

*** PayPal NOTE: If you make use of PayPal be aware that they charge a 3% commission on top of their base rate. I'll absorb the base rate fee but would rather not subsidize the 3% they add to the amount exceeding $100.

I do not accept electronically wired payments to a bank account.

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